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  • We are life and fire safety educators first, clowns, characters, and puppeteers second.

  • We will maintain our educational objective by not doing birthday parties or other events that are for entertainment only; nor shall we blow up balloons, use live fire or any other life threatening behavior that contradicts our educational goals and values.

  • We shall work hard to teach correct skills and concepts to our students.

  • We shall give our students our utmost attention. An Idea we pass to them today may save a life tomorrow.

  • We will strive to become masters of our craft and then show others how to do the same.

  • We will always be a resource to our students. If we don’t know the answer to a question we will find a resource that will provide the answer to our students. Our strength lies within our collective group.

  • We will work our students hard.

  • We will ensure our students know what the words “Educational Characterization” mean.

  • We will promote our organization (LAFS) to anyone who will listen.

  • We will never take ourselves so seriously that we can’t have a good laugh at our expense.

  • We will divulge, only to our students, the secrets to any magic that could be used to demonstrate a safety message which could result in saving a life, preventing injury, or protecting property.

  • We will report to LAFS any documented saves as a result of educational characterization.


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